Slop #veganmofo 3

Day 3: What you cook when you’re tired. I didn’t have to even think about that one, which is great because I AM tire. My go to easy meal is something called “Slop”. It is not an appealing name, but sometimes it’s all you want to hear!

Slop is simply cooked red lentils. It is not a fancy dish and it doesn’t look that great (but you can certainly jazz it up!), let’s just say it has “a great personality”.

I actually have no photos of Slop. It’d be like taking a photo of instant noodles. But this is close! This would be a “jazzy” version with extra toppings.

up to 4 people

2 Cups red lentils, rinsed
6 Cups /750ml of water/broth (more water as needed)
Mixed frozen veg
Favorite hot sauce (I recommend Sambal Oelek for this)

Boil your water or broth. Add lentils. Turn down to a simmer and cook for 15 minutes.
Add frozen veg & cook another 10 min. You might need to add more water. Top with hot sauce.

Sometimes I sauté onions and chillies and garlic and add the lentils and water together. Sometimes I use chickpeas and fresh veggies. Sometimes I’ll top it with spring onions and sumac.

It’s lazy, so do what every you want! Just make sure the lentils are cooked.

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